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Huwasan Spray
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Huwa-san is a user friendly, non-toxic, chlorine free broad spectrum disinfectant and has no toxic by-product.  It is tasteless, colorless and odourless. It is a stabilized hydrogen peroxide (2H2O2), biodegradable into water and oxygen (2H2O2 ---2H2O + O2), based on activated oxygen and has the capacity to improve the oxygen content in its user.

 HUWA-SAN is the perfect solution and replacement for chlorinated chemicals. Chlorinated water  which is been commercially supplied mostly as sachet or bottled water has become a major death trap in the society. Therefore, free yourself and others from the harmful effects of chlorine and its associated diseases such as cancer, and other water related diseases like typhoid fever, diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, etc by treating your water by yourself with HUWA-SAN solution. Water treated with HUWA-SAN remains healthy and fit for consumption for 50 (fifty) days after treatment.


·         Tasteless and odourless 

·         Effective against bacteria, viruses, amoebae, fungi and algae 

·         More effective and longer lasting than chlorine or bromine 

·         Stable and long lasting 

·         Suitable for the disinfection or drinking water, food handling and processing areas, horticultural pathogen control, etc 

·         Ecologically harmless, biodegradable and non polluting 

·         Safe and easy to handle



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