Top benefits for shopping with profitshoppers

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Profitshoppers offers a platform on which shoppers turn shopping into another source of income. Yes, you too can turn your shopping into another income stream. Every item you buy on Profitshoppers adds money to your bank account.

To turn your shopping into income, first, create your member account for free. Second, buy any item of your choice through your member account anytime you have need. Third, you get paid. It is that simple as ABC.

Do note that you get paid not only from your personal purchase alone, but from other purchases on the platform after yours. This is not dependent on referrals but on global volume irrespective of location and your personal purchase volume.

We pay you when you buy either on our online store, physical store, transient store or through sales reps. Sales from all stores and reps are linked to a central compensation unit which processes the reward immediately any item is sold.

Now look at your top benefits when you shop on Profitshoppers.

Top Benefits

  1. You buy at affordable and competitive retail price.
  2. You get a new income source.
  3. You get paid on every item you buy
  4. You get paid on other purchases after yours on the platform.
  5. You get a position for compensation on global sales volume

You can learn more by reading from the applicable sections on our website.